About the School of Social Work


The UW-Madison School of Social Work seeks to enhance human well-being and promote human rights and social and economic justice for people who are disadvantaged to achieve an equitable, healthy, and productive society. The school aims to:


  • Create, advance, strengthen, and integrate interdisciplinary knowledge for students and the profession through research, scholarship, teaching and practice.
  • Educate students to become highly skilled, culturally competent and ethical practitioners who will provide effective leadership for the profession of social work within the State of Wisconsin, nationally, and internationally.
  • Promote change at levels ranging from the individual to national policy, including empowering communities and populations that are disadvantaged and developing humane service delivery systems.
  • Create and disseminate knowledge regarding the prevention and amelioration of social problems.



Academic Programs

Two undergraduate programs are offered in the School:Social Work Students

Two graduate degree programs are offered:

  • The Master of Social Work (MSW) is a professional degree that prepares graduates for advanced social work practice in social work. The program is offered in a traditional full-time, day time format. The program is also offered on a formal, part-time basis. The Part-Time MSW Program is available for those students in the Madison and Eau Claire areas that are not able to pursue full-time study.
  • The Ph.D. Program in Social Welfare is designed to educate and train scholars and educators who will advance social work knowledge and expand understanding of social welfare problems.

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