Curriculum Committee

Strategic Plan Progress Report Out April 2021

Committee Name: Curriculum Committee

Committee Members:  Ellen Smith, Chair, Russ Portier, Angela Willits, Audrey Conn, Belinda Velazquez, Emmy Roper, Jacquie Bogess, Kelly Forman, Lara Gerassi, Laura Dresser, Marissa Abbott, Rowan Strange, Tally Moses, Tracy Schroepfer

Strategic Plan Goal(s) written out and identified as either Goal 1, 2 or 3

Goal 3:  Equip our students, staff, faculty, alumni, and social work community partners to be social justice leaders who can address diversity, equity, and inclusion in their lives and careers.

Action items specific to the goal:

Engage teaching faculty in activities and trainings to improve approaches to equity and inclusion in the classroom.

In all classes, include more readings and assignments that engage students in anti-oppressive ideas and practice.

Progress on goal since February 2021

1.Curriculum Committee members participated in the DEI committee’s discussion on “Recovering Social Work Histories.

  1. Drafted a competency on anti-oppressive practice
  2. Reviewed a syllabus checklist for pilot in the fall of 2021