Fall Scholarships Awarded

Jason Lee

Twenty-six MSW students recently received scholarships from our fall competition. The awards, funded and created by alumni donors and friends of the school, recognize outstanding students in our two MSW programs for their high-quality academic endeavors and dedication to social work.

Each scholarship is unique. For example, the Debra Beebe Memorial Scholarship goes to students who demonstrate a commitment to working with people with serious and long-term mental illnesses; the Katherine Prichard Benz award goes to an individual who is working their way through school; the Lillian Aked Yatvin Scholarship focuses on students who have an interest in community-based services for the elderly; the Richard E. Schwert award is given to a student preparing for a career in juvenile or criminal justice.

All the scholarships require excellent academic performance and most consider financial need.

The range of scholarships highlights the varied interests and training of our students. The full list and background information on each scholarship is available online. The scholarship application is usually announced early in the fall.

These scholarships are only possible thanks to alumni and friends of the school who have a commitment to ensuring a high-quality social work education and to our ability to make programs financially viable for more students.

In addition to these fall awards, eight students received admissions awards last year – including six scholarships that covered full-tuition and fees. Seven awards for PhD students will be announced next month.

We’re fortunate to recognize the outstanding potential of our students and to place them on a path toward great success while lessening their financial burden. Thank you to our supporters for their commitment to our school and congratulation to our students!

Please consider giving to the school in support of our students.