More than 10,000 people have graduated from the School of Social Work's MSW, PhD, BSW, and BA/BS programs since the School's founding in 1946. We are proud of the many contributions our alumni have made to the field of social work, to their communities, and to other chosen careers. Alumni support the School in many ways, including:

  • Encouraging prospective students to attend UW-Madison
  • Making financial contributions (Donate Here!)
  • Identifying job opportunities and serving as contacts for new graduates entering the job market



Former Director Mel Morgenbesser interviews Emeritus Prof Al Kadushin
on his personal life and contributions to the field of social work

The School of Social Work offers several types of resources that alumni may want to utilize.

Alumni may also be interested in receiving transcripts, which can be done through the Registrar.


Stay Connected

We would like to keep in touch with you, respond to any questions or suggestions you may have, and hear about your career, your interests, and other relevant information. You can reach us at To make sure that you receive "Connections," the School's alumni magazine, we (and the UW-Madison) need your most recent contact information. You can do this in one of three ways:

  1. Fill out your most recent contact information in the School of Social Work's secure online form.
  2. Visit the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) website, click on "Login / Alumni Directory," and check your information. If you have not already registered, click on "New User" to register. (You do not have to join the WAA to add or update your information.
  3. Send an email to us at or drop a note in the mail to School of Social Work, UW-Madison, 1350 University Ave., Madison WI 53706, with your name, address, email, phone number, and work information, and we will update your UW contact information.

For further information about how you can support the School, visit the Donation page. You can also keep up with the School on Facebook.


We look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact us directly.


Mel Morgenbesser
Alumni Relations and Development, School of Social Work


Stephanie A. Robert
Director, School of Social Work

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